Evan Williams is an experienced environmental economist, helping organisations to respond constructively to environmental threats.  Evan specialises in climate change adaptation, mitigation and planning as well as the sustainability of economic development.   In recent years Evan provided advice to HRH the Prince of Wales Rainforest Project and has advised a number of other high profile clients.   Evan also spent five years as manager of economics and sustainable development at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.
He serves as the
UK Manager for the Climate Reality Project, helping people to communicate the challenges of climate change in their own communities.

Action needs  to be taken … Now, together and FAST. and AL GORE

Evan Williams first met Al Gore in Edinburgh at the launch of his world-famous presentation ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. This is not a story of doom but rather a squaring up to the facts so that we can start changing the way we live to build a better future for our children and their children.

Since then the Climate Reality Project has evolved into a worldwide organisation dedicated to communicating the reality of the climate crisis.  The scientific evidence is now so strong that it cannot be denied.

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