The recital room, which lies at the front of the building, is well soundproofed from the Archway Road.   The acoustic is good and even throughout the space. Several recordings have taken place at the venue, as well as filming by independent production companies, including programmes for the BBC and the Proms.

Recital Room

The Red Hedgehog can be booked in advance for daytime or evening rehearsal.  Weekends may also be available with some notice.

Availability and Times

For rehearsal purposes, the recital room can accommodate 15-20 musicians with music stands and conductor, with the grand piano in use.



Area 1:  7.5 x 5 metres
Area 2:  6 x 9 metres


£50 per hour
Kindly note our minimum charge of £150 per booking for filming.

Piano Tuning
A Piano Tuning Fee (£75) will apply when the piano is used for any professional recording or filming, including audition tapes.

Recital Room Hire
(including grand piano)*
£40 per hour
£30 per hour
- whole day (8 hours)

Kindly note our minimum charge of £80 per booking.

VAT is not added to these charges


For general rehearsal hire (without use of piano)
please click here



venuehire @
(without spaces)

Please Note:-

The following rates apply only to music rehearsal or closed workshops.  

For any event with an audience, whether ticketed or not, kindly refer to CONCERT HIRES.

07817 109093

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